Loose – a poem about a woman’s expression and desires

“Loose” is a mockery of the offensive term ‘loose’ which is assigned to women who are liberal in the way they express their sexuality either through relationships with men, through art or through social activities like dance.

I live loosely
Mind open
Heart open
I have no rules
On how to love
Who to love
What to write
What to hide
How to dance
With whom to dance.

At the bar
I choose men loosely
Men whose faces I forget
Men whose numbers I erase
Men whose rhythm I’ll recall

Can his feet follow the beat?
Can his ribs break off his back?

I’ll rub up his crotch
Touch his chest
We’ll loosely share our bodies in dance.

I am loose.

I am not a box of stone

I am loose

I write loosely
I dance loosely
I love loosely

I’m smoke, smoldering at the stick’s end in the dark night.
I’m wings, reaching for the sky with each puff
I am free.

“She’s loose

She’s loose
She’s loose….”

Whispers like the wind will pass
But dignity and self-respect are MINE,
Mine to lose not a man’s to take.

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