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Start Journal Issue No 033 June ´13

  • Wazo 10: Xenson tells his story
  • Displays of War and Peace
  • Making contacts at Doa Doa and building music infrastructure
  • Bayimba Jinja: Crowd-pullers wanted
  • On Creativity and Video Art: Refuse the Hollywood Frame
  • Countdown to LaBa! 2013, May 25th
  • Free Expression by Mzili: Desperate Art

Start Journal Issue No 032 May ´13

  • Debunking the Chinua Achebe legacy
  • The Ernst May Exhibition at the Uganda Museum
  • “His Skin Lost Its Soup” | A Survey of Memory Loss
  • Opportunities and challenges in international craft collaborations
  • Playing with me or against me?
  • Sketching a Civilisation: Graphic records of unfinished ideas

Start Journal Issue No 031 April ´13

  • Producing Culture on Twitter: Is it Ugandan?
  • Secolliville: An imaginary city in the public space
  • St. Nelly-sade: Luga-flo lyricist, emcee, poet and thinker
  • WAZO 9: Arts Education — Lovely or Essential?
  • Artachat: Divulging art in the public place
  • The International Women’s day Festival

Start Journal Issue No 030 March ´13

  • Censorship and the Arts in Uganda
  • Talking happiness in love with Edison Mugalu
  • A Ugandan MC’s intimate keyboard hip-hop
  • The harsh rebirth of professional theatre in Uganda
  • The influence of ancient drum practices on contemporary music
  • The Collection Bug
  • Free Expression by Mzili: For the love of a nation

Start Journal Issue No 029 February ´13

  • Banadda’s Marriage of Philosophy and Aesthetics
  • On Cultural Destiny: The Klaus Wachsmann Music Archive
  • Qwela’s Afrotopia album
  • The many faces of ART
  • Pragmo and Lillian Mbabazi’s danger concert
  • My Uganda @50 by Kaigo Betty (2nd runner-up of Femrite @50 Writing Competition)
  • Using art to help communities: The Benet Story

Start Journal Issue No 028 January ´13

  • Nudity? It is Artistic Expression and Free Speech (part III)
  • When group exhibitions fall short on competence and innovation
  • Amakula 2012: Gangsterism and Ben Kiwanuka
  • The Book of Kirya: Songs written in the future about the past
  • Museveni’s children and their splintered voices in ‘Broken Voices of the Revolution’
  • Dependence by Muriel Baguma (1st runner-up of Femrite @50 Writing Competition)

Start Journal Issue No 027 December ´12

  • Nudity? It is Artistic Expression and Free Speech (part II)
  • Expanding Africa’s story through photojournalism
  • Dance Transmissions Festival 2012: A dialogue in dance
  • Ugandan Art: From Galleries to Green Lawns and Red Roads
  • Ras Kasozi’s road to Vancouver
  • A-fiftieth at Fifty by Linda Lilian (Winner of Femrite @50 Writing Competition)

Start Journal Issue No 026 November ´12

  • Nudity? It is Artistic Expression and Free Speech (part I)
  • Kampala Contemporary Art Festival: Setting new trends in art exhibitions
  • Nawany: A sensitive Karamojong
  • Amakula: A journey of a thousand miles
  • Five monuments in Kampala from the first 50 years of independence
  • Art reflects society and its peculiarities

Start Journal Issue No 025 October ´12

  • 10 Lessons learned from a well-organized Bayimba
  • Fun factory: Cracking a rib
  • Visionary Africa: “Glass Boxes are a disaster”
  • Fred Mutebi: Art – Bargaining for woman
  • Awesome! An Art School that is wholesome
  • How to enter the international music arena
  • Visionary Africa – Art at Work: Itinerant exhibition platform in African capitals

Start Journal Issue No 024 September ´12

  • To Die a Martyr: The story of a Ugandan Tragicomedy
  • DaudiMzili Twin Exhibition: A Dichotomy of Creativity or Paradox of Mutual Confusion?
  • Ugandan Voices of Change: Adong Judith Lucy
  • Questioning ‘Salable’ Art at WAZO
  • Kiwewa’yimba: Throwing architectural politics into the development debate
  • Bayimba: Celebrating five years of artistic inspiration

Start Journal Issue No 023 August ´12

  • David Kaiza on Ugandan Arts: Substance or airy pursuits?
  • Ronex celebrating his 10 yrs: New faces + new directions
  • The Ugandan Paradox: A rich country of poor people
  • Uganda’s Independence Monuments at 50
  • Nii Ayikwei Parkes: Poets must learn editing and performing
  • Color, participation and art at the LaBa! Street Art Festival

Start Journal Issue No 022 July ´12

  • Chris Mugarura: The present and future of Ugandan comics industry
  • Summoning the Rains: African women on patriarchy
  • Can a writer earn a living in Uganda?
  • Curating the Acoustics Sessions
  • Do art festivals matter?
  • Curving a niche in social transformation through Art

Start Journal Issue No 021 June ´12

  • DOADOA: Taking African music to the global scene
  • Does luga-flow symbolize Ugandan hip-hop / rap music?
  • Felix Magima: Just the eyes
  • Jane Bussmann: The comedy of tragedies
  • Bayimba Regional Festival of Arts kicks off in Jinja
  • In Movement: Creative empowerment in Kansanga
  • Liberation-Arts-Participation at the 6th LaBa! Street Art Festival

Start Journal Issue No 020 May ´12

  • Bruno Ruganzu: Winner of the TED Prize City 2.0 in Doha
  • Edison Mugalu’s art: The serendipity of success
  • Dancing the night away
  • Political Music: Kadongo Kamu is dead
  • The Lure of Poetry
  • Arts and Heritage: Who owns what? Why we have to (be) care(fully)?

Start Journal Issue No 019 April ´12

  • Turning Trash into Treasure
  • Olubugo Reloaded: The push towards a new awareness
  • History In Progress: Ugandan photo opportunities
  • Freeing the audience: Women in live music
  • Different But One 16: A Story without End
  • Ekisaakaate: Ganda culture holiday camp for kids

Start Journal Issue No 018 March ´12

  • Nneka: The Soul Dynamite
  • Outlook 2012: Six leading Ugandan arts and culture professionals share their visions
  • Jjuuko Hoods’ visual memoir of Kampala today
  • A Case for Good African Music
  • Kiwewa’yimba: Creative minds, dare to fail!
  • The 100 Posters for the Right to Education Exhibition: Its Lessons for the Enforcement of Fundamental Rights

Start Journal Issue No 017 February ´12

  • Breaking Free, a fusion of life
  • Creativity, innovation and experimentation sets a new pace for the Ugandan visual arts
  • Why Art? An essay by Doreen Baingana
  • Afrigo Band, Watoto Choir and Pragmo Jazz: Live music for the festive season
  • Behind the Artwork: Joseph Ntensibe’s ‘Disappearing Forests’
  • Notes on the African Creative Economy

Start Journal Issue No 016 January ´12

  • What is Original? Do-cultures and don’t-cultures
  • Geoffrey Mukasa: The enduring painter
  • Is this really Uganda?
  • This Is Uganda: Artwork in Progress
  • East African Art Summit 2011: The coming together of creative minds
  • A Writers’ Residency bearing fruits
  • Startjournal.org’s hits and misses: Celebrating the one-year anniversary of being online

Start Journal Issue No 015 December ´11

  • Kyeyune’s The Kampala I Will Always Come Back To: Sanitised Economic Injustices and the Risk of Propaganda
  • Great Achievements by Makerere Ceramists
  • Xenson’s Futuristic Past enthralls
  • Kiwew’ ayimba: Ugandan art is booming! But where is the market?
  • Sam Ibanda: Spreading the passion for Ugandan contemporary dance
  • Women’s Voices: A discussion on English literature in Uganda

Start Journal Issue No 014 November ´11

  • Umoja sets the bar for performance high
  • Patronage, finesse and passion
  • Vision for Africa Pottery Workshop: A case study for traditional African design
  • Where’s the real voice of Ugandan hip-hop?
  • The Butterfly Effect: An interview with Caine Prize-nominee Beatrice Lamwaka
  • Tracing the Life of a Song: Poetic Wisdom in Gganga Alula
  • In memory of Geoffrey Mukasa: Exhibiting at AKA Gallery at Tulifanya

Start Journal Issue No 013 October ´11

  • Is the Ugandan art scene on the right path?
  • Sculptural figures reflected on daily experiences? Nabulime confronts the canon of visual representation
  • The Gospel of Evolution through Sane’s Brush Strokes
  • The Art of Economic Instability
  • Bayimba 2011: A celebration of music, dance, art and culture
  • The bright tones of Katanga
  • The Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet is landing at Ndere centre September 30th

Start Journal Issue No 012 September ´11

  • Taking art back to communities: The Mabarti Street Art project
  • Shifts in Ugandan Art: From a rooted symbolism to philosophy as world-view
  • Can you really find your favourite Ugandan visual artists online?
  • A woman with many artistic hats: An interview with Margaret Nagawa
  • Behind the Artwork: Taga’s ‘Changing Kampala’
  • Bayimba Festival: Champion of the Arts

Start Journal Issue No 011 July ´11

  • Contemplating the Early Years Exhibition, Moving Past Propaganda: A Critical Review
  • The Twentyfour-Seven Artist: An interview with Ronex Ahimbisbwe
  • Color, Creativity and Fun at LaBa! Street Art Festival
  • The language of art
  • Three artists telling their tales at the LaBa! Street Festival
  • Acting the role of Chopin: Kiggundu’s piano performance
  • Acoustic moments: A portrait of Michael Ouma

Start Journal Issue No 010 June ´11

  • Do we really care about Arts and Culture?
  • The Missing Ink: An interview with Fred Mutebi
  • Food for thought: Recent work by Fred Mutebi
  • Poetry in session: An intellectual revival in Kampala
  • How to curate your own art exhibit
  • David Oduki at Let Us Share Beauty: “Adapt exhibitions to global trend
  • Sane: Artists should put their creative minds into Ugandan culture

Start Journal Issue No 009 May ´11

  • How group studios can foster creativity
  • Wasswa Donald: I Speak Elephanish
  • Art the mirror of our politics
  • How to prepare bark cloth using charcoal and leaves
  • The new dawn of the MishMash experience
  • Street theatre is taking the floor in Uganda

Start Journal Issue No 008 Apr ´11

  • Group studios in Uganda: The challenges of a collective
  • Review: Beyond the controversy
  • The art of self-making: An interview with Edison Mugalu
  • Ugandan bark cloth exhibition at the University of North Texas
  • Art collector Kaddu Sebunya
  • Kora sessions: An interview with Joel Sebunjo

Start Journal Issue No 007 Mar ´11

  • Where are the Ugandan female artists?
  • The special one: An interview with Rose Kirumira
  • Different but one 15: the Makerere masters
  • How to carve a wood relief
  • Making an artists’ village work: Nesting for the next, big thing
  • The sons of the master: Tingatinga painters coming to ISU Kampala

Start Journal Issue No 006 Feb ´11

  • Evolution of visual arts in Uganda
  • Art and writing can change the world
  • Art criticism and art history: a symbiotic relationship
  • Jewels in motion: an interview with Sanaa Gateja
  • How to do woodcut printmaking using a dark-to-light technique
  • Mzili speaks: secondhand goods – first class art
  • The soul of a man: Qwela band’s Joseph Kahirimbanyi

Start Journal Issue No 005 Dec ´10

  • The perspective observer: an interview with George Kyeyune
  • Corporate sponsorship of the arts: friend or foe
  • Amakula congress raises a need for movie industry boost
  • Sane: the steady decline in media coverages of visual arts
  • Taga unveils totems of Uganda
  • How to use fibreglass to make a mould
  • How to make art interesting

Previous printed issues to read in pdf-format

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