Building a Healthy Business Between Continents: The Story of OncaPlanta

In this podcast episode of the Design Hustle, we get to hear from Lydia Nakayenze Schubert, founder of OncaPlanta, an agro-entrepreneur. She gives us insights on her journey of building her company, OncaPlanta and where she sees herself in 5 years’ time.

After living and working in Germany, Lydia’s desire to build an international brand that had social development at its core were realised when she and her family decided to invest in the Nilotica Shea Belt in Northern Uganda. This has led to a factory in Otuke that supplies quality sheabutter as well as a Moringa Tree farm in Pakwach where she has now expanded to Moringa Oil. All this is under the brand name, Moo Me Gen which means ‘oils of hope’. She will be expanding her products to include marula and mango butter.

Come on over and hear more about this innovative company and its founder.

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