Head Turners: The Secret Of A Successful Hair Salon

In this edition of Design Hustle, we have the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Manige, Founder of Head Turners Executive Salon. The unisex salon offers all kinds of salon services. Let’s dive in and get to know more about the secret of her success.

What was the turning point to lead you to where you are now – this moment? What or who inspired you? 

Rebecca Manige – Founder Head Turners Executive Salon

To be honest, in trying to look for role models, I try to become one. I would love to be an inspiration for young people around me. I prefer cooperation to competition. I want to follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and bring some value to the people around me. I think I have more than one turning point in life that have shaped me into the person I am today in various ways.

How has the journey/ride been in building your company or career? 

I wouldn’t really say it’s been a bad one. I have been able to double my shops over a period of five years. The salons have enabled me to create employment for over 28 people, who all look up to me. Though just like any other businesses we do get the bad days too, but I have learnt how to deal with them.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to break through. How did you overcome this obstacle? Can you give any examples? 

My first year at work was really hectic. I remember getting back home each day with a pounding headache because my staff looked down on me. I was much younger than them, and managing the salon as a young girl straight out of university with no single salon business background created some kind of envy between us. I really had a hard time, also due to the fact that most of the staff were illiterate. But slowly I learnt how to manage them. I have made my employees my friends. We joke around and live as a family. If you enter the salon and find me joking with them, you wouldn’t know I am the boss. This has made them to feel loved by me.

What is the Secret of A Successful Hair Salon? Can you share examples of moments or products / services or clients you are proud of?

I would say ‘being my workers best friend’ has been the formula. Most of my current staff are the same people I started the salon with. We have literally become like a family. We are there for each other. You can’t imagine how many calls I receive from them if I take two days without going to the salon.

One moment that I will always be proud of was shortly after the COVID-19 lockdown period. I opened the salon after a long closure period and I was pleasantly surprised to see all my workers return to work. Most of my clients came back to support me too and I can’t thank them enough for that.

After the lockdown all my staff and clients remained loyal and came back.

Rebecca Manige

It’s 2026, I turn on the TV and there you are being interviewed, what are they saying about you and your business / brand? 

Wow! I would like my business to keep its standards of providing the best customer care in Uganda. My target is to put up as many branches as I can. Through this, I know I will help provide employment opportunities to the unemployed. I believe in building others. So in 2026, I would want to see my current staff happy somewhere else, being their own bosses. I am also working on creating hair products for African natural hair. By 2026, it should be a big brand!

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