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Making Solar Accessible
to the Dairy Sector

In another edition of Design Hustle, we have the pleasure of introducing a long term Design Hub member, Sizoomu Mwamed, Founder of the startup SolarPipo. The innovative company has recently shifted their focus on providing solar solutions and access to funding to diary farmers and diary cooperatives. The objective is to reduce dependency on unreliable and expensive power bills. And at the same time have a environmentally cost effective alternative to keep their milk cool and prevent it from getting spoiled. At the moment 20 to 40 percent of the milk produced in Uganda is wasted due to lack of timely cooling.

SolarPipo is a one-stop-shop partner for solar projects in Uganda’s dairy sector value chain. They act as an intermediary aiming to unburden dairy customers’ process of acquiring solar systems for cooling, water pumps and other productive uses.

The SolarPipo team has combined experience for over 8 years in the renewable energy sector. They have experience in innovative product development and management, sales and marketing and team building skills. The core of the team has been at the helm of management of startups with a keen eye on innovation. They have been based at Design Hub since it opened its doors in 2017.

We know the problems, have seen the challenges that come with providing clean and efficient energy to off grid SMEs and with our energy sector experience combined with innovation, we are committed to solving these challenges.”

Sizoomu Mwamed – Solar Pipo Founder

Watch the short 9 minute documentary here:

There you have it folks! Stay tuned for more Design Hustle updates!


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