“I had to learn how to target my clients on social media” – Isaac Ssenyonjo

In this era of the fourth industrial revolution, where there is a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate with each other, technology has taken the driver’s seat.

It is opening us to new chapters in human development. It is not just for some people but for all, especially now that access to Internet has been declared a human right.

Today, in our Design Hustle series we talk to a gentleman who is rising up in this field to make a difference. He is a multi-faceted creative, a maestro on the piano and an Information Technology (IT) expert.

So, who is Isaac and how did he get here?

My name is Isaac Ssenyonjo. I am a graduate of Bachelors of Software Engineering, which I completed at Makerere University. I founded an IT Support Company called Utopian Technologies.

Right after graduation, I went the usual route and tried the job application process which proved to be quite frustrating at the time. I sent out about 30 applications to various companies, all without a response. I had just moved out of my parents’ house and needed to make ends meet.

That is when I decided to start doing a few freelance gigs. It kind of just grew from there.

Utopian Technologies

Have you ever felt like quitting entrepreneurship?

It’s definitely been a rough one. So many times, I’ve felt like quitting to try out the employment world. But then I realized that I needed to understand exactly what appeals to the market.

I started out by selling computers using social media. Most of the people that reached out were offering very little money for these and yet the computers were new.

I then reached out to a friend who helped me understand how social media works on a whole. As a result, I was able to tailor my ads to a particular type of clientele that I felt understood what I was selling and also could afford the computers.

Any advice to the youth who want to venture into the creative and tech field?

I would say they should ensure that they are reliable, have quality control on their products and services as well as make sure they respond in a timely manner to their clients.

For example, there was an incidence back in 2018 where a client called complaining about how their files had been corrupted on a flash drive. This client stays in Entebbe whilst I was in Kampala at the time. I simply asked them to connect the PC to internet and I was able to resolve the issue remotely within 5 minutes.

Helping your client should be a top priority no matter what. This pushes me to work hard at creating Utopian Technologies as a brand that simplifies IT problems for the customer and solves the issues within the fastest period of time while keeping the client updated on the progress.

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