“I started my own lingerie business over the weekend” – Harriet Nannyunja

It may seem that some things can not be mentioned and thus are labelled the unmentionables but do you know that the underwear/lingerie industry is quite huge?

According to research, underwear makes up 6% of womenswear products currently retailing online across the US and UK markets combined. This market is expected to hit $250 billion by 2022. With the pandemic, ladies are looking more towards comfort than anything else.

In this Design Hustle episode, we get to speak to Harriet Nannyunja who has ventured into this industry. 

Tell us about yourself Harriet.

I am Nannyunja Harriet, a mother of two and a founder of Hattie’s collection. When I had my babies, I decided to stay at home and look after them, however I was also open to any opportunity to make money whilst caring for my kids.

One day l was on Facebook and an influencer asked people to post what they do, saying that people might need their services.

One lady, who later became my friend, commented and said she sells second hand bras from home and she’s earning from it. I quickly in-boxed her for more information and she graciously shared with me how she does it. This was on a Saturday. By Monday morning, l started my own lingerie business.

It has been a rollercoaster ride. It has not been easy at all but with passion for what you do, no matter the hardships, you keep moving.

I remember when l wanted to transition my business from selling second hand bras to new ones and adding in other inner wear. It was such a challenge since my capital wasn’t enough.

I decided to dip into my savings, asked for some money from a loved one and got a loan from a friend. I managed to combine all that and started selling new under garments.

What have you learnt being in a creative business?

The fashion/lingerie business requires one to have passion for what you do. With this, you will have good customer care, you will stock quality goods, you will take good care of yourself and thus move forward.

Also, I have learnt that our clients are very important to our business. Without them, I would not be where I am. They are a big part for my business’ growth. They keep coming back and they don’t stop recommending me.

Almost every day I get a new customer telling me that they were recommended by another client. It’s these comments that get me going knowing that l have solved a problem in my community and I am doing my part to encourage young ladies to start something of their own which too will impact their communities.

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