Juliet Kasiita: Women need to fight the self-pity syndrome

In the Design Hustle series Patricia Opio talks to female creatives and their business, challenges and lessons learned while on their entrepreneurship journey.

Who is Juliet Kasiita and what is Winpreneurs?

I am the founder and CEO of Winpreneurs. Women empowerment and financial freedom is my passion.

Winpreneurs is a collaborative and community platform that inspires and empowers women to unleash their untapped entrepreneurial potential and be an integral part of promoting an enabling space for job creation and poverty alleviation.

We provide a support system through trainings, mentorship and networks for women to venture into Entrepreneurship thus expediting their business pursuits towards income generation and financial freedom.

What was the turning point to lead you to where you are now – this moment?

Fighting the self-pity syndrome is a challenge that comes with the several gender biases in and towards women.

Juliet Kasiita

As I was in the marketplace, I would constantly observe, work and interact with women whose mindset towards wealth was limited by cultural or societal limitations and myths.

I was also tracking my own entrepreneurship journey and personal growth through a mindset shift and additional training. This led me to realise that a mindset change was needed for women to see entrepreneurship and wealth building in a different way. Winpreneurs was birthed as a solution.

From your journey, how would you advise other women and entrepreneurs?

My journey has been full of failures and achievements. It has also been very rewarding especially when I discovered the WHY in my pursuit.

I would advise anyone wanting to start on their entrepreneurship journey to work on finding their ‘why’, their purpose. It grounds you and lets you stand firm in times of challenges.

Fighting the self-pity syndrome is also another challenge that comes with the several gender biases in and towards women.

In many spaces, I have had to engage especially in building partnerships because some organisations or individuals think you are too young to pursue that or have statements like get a man to present that for you.

As women, we need to be able to know ourselves and stand firm and not have self-pity and move forward despite all. It is hard but it is very possible.

Another is being consistent at what you are doing. Make and keep those goals. Prayer ofcourse helps and one should not settle for less. We need to build networks for example we have collaborated with Africa Youth Ignited in SA, Pillars in the Place Uganda, Evolving Woman, Women of Crazy Wealth in Swaziland. I have learnt a lot from these different platforms and it has helped to grow Winpreneurs.

What is your vision for 2026?

Winpreneurs is the largest and number one sustainable Women’s business Collaborative platform across Africa having trained over 20000 women Entrepreneurs.

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