Patricia Opio

“I started my own lingerie business over the weekend” – Harriet Nannyunja

It may seem that some things can not be mentioned and thus are labelled the unmentionables but do you know that the underwear/lingerie industry is quite huge?
According to research, underwear makes up 6% of womenswear products currently retailing online across the US and UK markets combined. This market is expected to hit $250 billion by 2022.

With the pandemic, ladies are looking more towards comfort than anything else. In this Design Hustle episode, we get to speak to Harriet Nannyunja who has ventured into this industry.


Content Creation and Influencer Marketing; Kahill Insights Runs Your Show

In this first podcast episode of the Design Hustle Podcast, host Patricia Opio talks to Patricia Kahill, founder of Kahill Insights. Patrica describes herself as a multi-potentialite, entrepreneur, blogger/writer and creative. She gives us insights on her journey of building her company, Kahill Insights and where she sees herself in 5 years’ time.