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[24 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on Startjournal 2018: New Media, Channels and Connections – Editorial | ]
Startjournal 2018: New Media, Channels and Connections – Editorial

The Journal has always aspired to be an indigenous-driven publication critically analysing and documenting contemporary arts and culture in Uganda. It would be even more valuable if the content of StartJournal is influencing the mainstream societal narratives. With this in mind we are now developing a larger communication strategy with the aim to connect the Startjournal content to other media. We foresee to increase the visibility of StartJournal content by pushing it to newspapers, news programs on TV and Radio and through social media channels.

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[15 Feb 2018 | Comments Off on The Boda Moment. Positioning Socially-Engaged Art in Contemporary Uganda | ]
The Boda Moment. Positioning Socially-Engaged Art in Contemporary Uganda

In this article Carlos Garrido Castellano examines two socially engaged Ugandan art projects: the Disability Art Project Uganda (DAPU), and Lilian Nabulime’s AIDS sculpture. By analyzing both initiatives, I attempt to characterize a new moment in the relations between artistic practice and social intervention in the Ugandan context. I argue that projects such as DAPU and Nabulime’s are confronting the current Ugandan situation of economic and political transformation, marked by the weight of the informal and the challenge of a nation-based cultural sphere. Finally, I point out some similarities with other African socially-engaged art initiatives.

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[15 Feb 2018 | One Comment | ]
In Transit: A sculptural response to Gaba landing site

As a sculptor and eco-artist, Sandra Suubi is interested in materials found in a particular space and how she can use them in the construction of sculptures. In this essay she describes how she constructed a sculpture along the shores of Lake Victoria in Gaba.

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[13 Feb 2018 | One Comment | ]
Waswad Creates Extra-terrestrial Beings

If there is a Ugandan artist who can readily fit into the international art circuit, there is none other than Donald August Wasswa a.k.a Waswad. The contemporary art world is always looking for new ways of expression and Waswad fulfils this with his body of work exhibited at Afriart Gallery

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[13 Feb 2018 | 2 Comments | ]
So You Make Cartoons for a Living?  – 8 Career Lessons for Animators by Isaac Mugabi

By Isaac Mugabi

Isaac Mugabi at work

What is it like being an animator? Which skills does one need to thrive in the animation industry? These are questions I get asked quite often. Put simply; animation is drawings or images that appear to walk, talk and think. They are a series of images moving in time. Well, it’s more complicated than that, but that gives you the basic idea. Some people tend to think animation is about making cartoons, and […]