Saturday, 15 Jun 2024
Year: 2021

Installation “Afrika is not getting it” from Notes about the times at Modzi Arts by Matt Kayem.

Notes About The Times – Kayem’s response to COVID-19

Covid-19 all caught us all by surprise. Ugandan contemporary artist Matt Kayem had just arrived in Lusaka, Zambia for his art is residency at Modzi Arts when borders closed and there was no return back to his beloved motherland. Trevor Mukholi talks to the artist on phone.

19_08_09_HALL07_akniste_vandenbrekel- Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter


Open Call: Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter Residency Uganda (TRERU)

Initiated by he Dutch-Belgian art collective TAAT, the Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter Residency Uganda (TRERU) focusses on regenerative, creative development and artistic commoning. Three artist/designers from the fields of theatre/performance, contemporary art and architecture/design are invited to stay and work for one month at our location in Ntinda, Kampala.


Michelle Masanza: ‘I want to make the world fall in love with African beauty’

In this eight podcast episode, Design Hustle host Patricia Opio talks to Michelle Masanza, the 19 year old founder of AfroShinda and ‘Third World Girl’. AfroShinda is a Ugandan based online store that curates African made products. Its mission is to make the world fall in love with African beauty by telling the African story with love and respect for her land, her people, and her heritage.