Actress Esteri Tebandeke: “Creatives need alternative and safe spaces”

In this Design Hustle episode, Patricia talks to Esteri Tebandeke, actress, dancer, storyteller, creative producer and visual artist. She has been an actress since 2008 performing in a variety of theatre and film productions in Uganda and around the world.

She talks about how her family exposed her to various art forms, such as dance and cinema. Especially the National Theater and spaces like Design Hub proved to be a great venue for meeting all kinds of creatives and artists.

Design Hub has such a great vibe. When you walk in the space you there is so much to experience. They have 3-D printers, graphic designers and so much more. It is important for us creatives to find a community where people can network and find resources to progress their career. .

Esteri Tebandeke

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