Issue No 001 Oct ´07

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Table of contents Issue 001

  • Free expression. An African Artist Ponders his Place in the “Western” Tradition. By Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Pothole Perspectives. By Rachel Scheier
  • Sculpture isn’t a Man’s Job. Taga Nuwagaba talks to one of Kampala’s premier sculptors Maria Naita.
  • Dark to light Technique.
  • Margaret Trowel. Makerere’s Reknown Art School through the Years. By Kyeyune George
  • ARTOASIS. Wonderful things are happening at Mona Studio.
  • Poetic Justice

Front cover of Issue 001Editorial foreword

What should the role of today’s artists be in their communities? How can African artists help to make their cities more beautiful? Why don’t Ugandans like Ugandan art?

Until now, the questions that linger in the corners of Kampala’s disparate art scene were for debate in makeshift studios or over beers in favorite watering holes. With this new publication—the first ever art and culture criticism and opinion journal in Uganda—we aim to provide a forum of ideas for the dynamic contemporary art scene in Kampala and beyond.

In this first issue, founders Daudi Karungi and Henry Mzili Mujunga talk about the success of the recent “pothole art” produced during La Ba “street art” festival in Kampala and the role of public art as a way to promote the visual arts in African cities and make art more accessible to local residents. We talk with Maria Naita, perhaps Kampala’s premier sculptress; Mzili reflects on the identity politics of being an artist in Africa today and Dean George Kyeyune gives us the history of Makerere’s Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art — one of the most venerable art schools on the continent. We also pay a visit to the Mona Studio in Kamwokya, where local artists are pioneering a new kind of inner city art studio.

We at StART believe that the creative efforts of Ugandans— be they painters, musicians or dancers—play a key role in our country’s past and future. We aim to provide a community of ideas for these artists. We welcome your input and contributions. Enjoy!

The Editors