Issue No 003 Jul ´09

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Table of contents Issue 003

  • Nude or Naked? Sex and sexual politics in the arts. by Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Art Collectors. Photos by Daudi Karungi
  • 1000 Words. A slightly blurry snapshot of the Ugandan photographer Eric Rwakoma. by Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Technique. Composition in Photography. by Ayodeji Adewunmi
  • Chicken Soup for the Universe. The world of David Kigozi. by Addy Beukema
  • Accounting for the Super Visual. The History and Meaning of Different But One. by Philip Kwesiga & Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Subjectivity
  • The art establishment and judging Makerere’s University’s Different But One. By Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Painted Voices. A marriage of the senses. By Addy Beukema and Beatrice Lamwaka
  • The Canada Connection. Getting your work shown in one of the world’s most exciting art markets. By Leah Sandals

Front cover of Issue 003Editorial foreword

Welcome and thanks for the overwhelming support you’ve shown towards START, Uganda’s first and only critical journal of art and culture. Our dedicated team of artists and journalists strives to continue providing you with sharp and timely criticism and documentation of the visual and performance arts in Uganda.

Whether you think it’s a rare annual showcase exhibiting Uganda’s finest artists or an overblown exercise in vanity, the Makerere art school’s Different But One exhibition has become one of the rare annual traditions in the fine arts in Uganda.

In this issue, we offer several contrasting perspectives on this controversial show of lecturers’ work. Elsewhere, correspondent Henry Mzili Mujunga returns with a reflection on the contentious issue of nudity in the arts and local urban culture. Mzili also profiles successful Ugandan photographer Eric Rwakoma, one of those rare and envied members of our artist community who manages to make his living doing what he does best. On the international scene, Leah Sandals provides us with a primer on how to break into the exciting and lucrative Canadian art scene. Read on for more features on the latest trends and techniques in the Ugandan art world.

A special word of thanks goes to the Royal Netherlands Embassy, which has made this issue of START possible. We look forward to many more exciting and informative issues about local and international art in the future. Let us work together to highlight Uganda’s rich culture. Keep the dream alive!

The Editors