Write for SJ

SJ is always looking for writers to contribute to the online journal. We are happy to get in contact with both people that want to contribute on a regular basis, or writers with ideas for a once off article.

How to become a regular contributor?

Don´t hesitate!

Get in touch with the Editor. Please summarise your professional background and show some of your previous work. We are especially interested in writers who can write critiques, reflecting on the current art scene or telling stories about East African Arts & Culture.

How to submit your article to START?

Please do!

Get in contact with the Editor. First, present your angle and a rough outline of what you want to write about.

If there is an interest, start your article. Submit your manuscript in the agreed format, before the agreed deadline and within the agreed length. The editorial team will read it, then send it to suitable reviewers. Their feedback will be passed on to you.

Submit the revised edition before the agreed final deadline. If relevant, submit images in the agreed format.

SJ will prepare the article for online publishing.

Publication guidelines

We accept and review submissions as they come to us. Please contact us by email with your idea for the opportunity to discuss its suitability. Completed submissions can be sent to the editor, who shares them with the editorial team, and if accepted, passes them on to two or three reviewers.

Please contact the editor if you have any further questions.

The SJ peer review process

SJ has a growing list of reviewers who kindly agree to contribute their expertise, time, and perspectives to support our aim of publishing high caliber and engaging material. Reviewers’ comments are suggestions to the author intended to probe the submission in particular ways.

  1. Assessment by the editorial team to ensure that the submission meets basic standards to be passed on to reviewers. The editors may suggest some changes before the review.
  2. Submission to reviewers who agree to engage critically and provide supportive feedback.
  3. Decision by editorial team based on reviews, which could be acceptance of submission as it is, reworking it, or rejection.
  4. Publication.