Issue No 004 Dec ´09

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Table of contents Issue 004

  • Free Expression: A Work of Fiction. by Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Art Collectors. Q&A Pamela Kertland Wright. by Daudi Karungi
  • Lead Story: Viral Value. by Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Critic’s Pick: Henry Mzili Mujunga talks about Rolands (Birutsya) Tibirusya
  • Product Design: Seek to be Worth Knowing. by Michiel van Oosterhout
  • Notes from Abroad: Life Imitates Art. by Andrea Stultiens
  • Technique: How To Sell Your Art. by Vivian Craddock Williams
  • Profile: Learning a New Language. George Kyeyune reviews Dr. Nabulime’s recent exhibition.
  • Altruism: Dance On. by Tebandeke Samuel Lutaaya
  • Poetic Justice: A Great Mind
  • Where To Find Art

Front cover of Issue 004Editorial foreword

Welcome back to START, Uganda’s first and only journal of arts and culture. Your words of praise and encouragement continue to inspire us to make START even better. In this issue, we have made even more adjustments and improvements to the content and format of the magazine. Starting next issue, in fact, we will include a reader feedback page. So email your comments now!

The last quarter of the year was an exciting one for the Ugandan art world. It saw the arrival of the Dutch Masters Today exhibition at the Uganda Museum, which was unique not just because it enabled three prominent Ugandan artists—our own Daudi Karungi and Henry Mzili Mujunga among them—to exhibit alongside Dutch masters, but because our national museum actually hosted a modern art exhibition. Mzili talks to its curator, Ugandan expatriate David Oduki, and gets his ideas on one of our central preoccupations—how to get Africans to buy African art.

In the performing arts arena, Tebandeke Samuel Lutaaya reflects on the history and development of modern dance in Uganda. We go beyond the purview of fine art to look at the aesthetics of branding with Michiel van Oosterhout’s piece comparing the marketing tactics of Uganda’s ever-growing stable of telecom companies. Finally, Dutch photographer Andrea Stultiens weighs in from the Netherlands in Notes from Abroad, we provide a primer for pricing artwork—and more.

A special word of thanks to the Irish Embassy, which made this issue of START possible. Our stable of supporters continues to grow and we are more confident than ever that the arts in Uganda are thriving. Keep the dream alive!

The Editors