Start Journal launches next issue online December 15th

Start Journal will launch its fifth issue online. With the move to the Internet, Start aims to be an entry point for exploring East African Arts. But, of course, we can never beat the live experience at the galleries and art exhibitions.

At this website you will be able to interact with art, artists and artistic techniques, read strong and personal expressions about the local art scene, and give artists and writers valuable feedback and comments. By doing this, Start hopes to inspire and encourage artists to create more unique and momentous art.

By Thomas Bjørnskau, Editor at Start Journal

Start Journal online will publish a collection of new articles every second month, and in-between we will write about whatever happens in the Arts scene. By taking advantage of the interactive environment, the Journal will present step-by-step techniques, displaying inspiring artwork and let the people behind the art explain their ideas. We will dare to write strong opinions on any part of the Arts scene, and will encourage readers to do the same.

Start is looking for writers and regular contributors. Please get in contact with the Editor.

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In the December 2010-issue, you will be able to read the following stories:

  • An Interview with George Kyeyune
  • Ronex showing how to use fibreglass to make a mould
  • Eria Sane giving his views on local media coverage
  • Henry Mzili writing about the role of corporate sponsors
  • Nathan Kiwere critiqueing Taga’s Totem project
  • Amakula Movie Festival’s conference discussion points

So, enjoy reading Start. We hope you will become a regular visitor of Start and supporter of East African Arts.