Issue 039 Inspiration

 Arts and culture journalism focuses on critiquing and reviewing the sensory representations provided by the artists around us. We use text to analyse past works and project toward future changes, rarely are we able to objectively capture the art forms we write about. Art and culture, by definition, are subjective.

Issue 39 of Start Journal intends to use the online platform as a space to inspire. This issue launches with a ‘To do list’ from Bayimba’s Faisal Kiwewa and guides the creative sector to be moved by the sound or sight of a piece. In doing so, Start Journal asks whether or not the power of art and culture can be felt through the computer screen. How can we push our local or regional scene beyond the comforts of saleable art by publishing on a free forum? Be inspired, be critical and be proud.



Image ©: Oscar Kibuuka