One Ten on 7th

One Ten on 7th

One Ten on 7th is venue to the a night market a massive and engaging event that encapsulates cultural and global village. It also provides a home to Wild Coffee bar, Afriart Gallery, Sue Ochola’s De Roy champagne bar and a lively bar called Factory. New initiatives pop up all the time so definitely check them out.

One Ten on 7th gives an opportunity visitors to come together to browse, socialize, and unwind. Under the cover of darkness, their industrial venue feels exhilarating, drawing locals relieved to be off from work. It is an entertainment venue pulsating with life; there’s plenty to see and do, and taste, There’s plenty of nightlife in Kampala, but little of it appeals to young families and those tired of the club scene.

One Ten on 7th fills the void by providing a casual place where people can mingle with a glass of wine, some live music, lots of amazing food and shopping.

One Then on 7th goes beyond serving the local community, it is a sprawling tourist attractions in its own right and guests are guaranteed to head home with colorful stories.


Plot 110, 7th Street, Industrial Area