Nabuguzi Kiwanuka: “You will not get feedback if you don’t leave your comfort zone”

In this fifth episode, Design Hustle host Patricia Opio talks to Nabuguzi Kiwanuka, Lawyer, Founder of EQUATE Foundation and Podcast Host of Hash time with Nabuguzi Kiwanuka. She gives us insights into her journey of building her companies and where we will see herself in 5 years’ time.

Having the passion to serve and charity, Nabuguzi used to fulfil this by providing food and clothes to vulnerable youth. She decided it was not sustainable and opened up her NGO, EQUATE Foundation that provides education amongst other things.

Nabuguzu loves conversations and was once told she had a beautiful voice. She ventured into podcasting leading to the development of Hash Time with Nabuguzi Kiwanuka. She talks of her own struggles in dealing with imposter syndrome as she navigates building her businesses.

Listen to her story here.

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