Art Venues

Where to go for Art in Uganda?

Afriart Gallery (

“Afriart Gallery is a focal point of Kampala’s artistic community and provides a wonderful space to showcase the exquisite art of Uganda. The gallery shows the best of African fine art. We serve individual and corporate clients, from experienced collectors to visitors seeking to expand their knowledge and or collection of contemporary African Art. One of the leading fine art venues in the region, we have hosted artists from Africa and the rest of the world. We have also become global distributors for original art by emerging talent.”

Location: Kenneth Dale Drive (off Kira Rd), Bukoto, Kampala. How to find the gallery?
Contact: Tel. 0712 455 555 or 041 4 357 455.
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm.

AKA Gallery (

“AKA Gallery was started as Tulifanya Gallery in 1995 by Beverley Peden and is managed since 1996 by Josephine Mukasa and Maria Fischer. The principle of the Gallery is to promote contemporary, modern African art by exhibition of works and portfolio management of Ugandan and other East African artists. The gallery changed its name in 2011 to AKA Gallery.”

Location: Bukoto Street Plot 44 Kampala, Uganda. How to find the gallery?
Contact: 256414254183/+256783525447
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10-5pm. Sat 10-4pm.

Makerere University Art Gallery (

“Built in November 1968, houses an extensive permanent collection of the School of Fine Art that provides examples documenting the growth of unique visual art in the region. Most of the East African prominent artists are associated with it.”

Location: Makerere University. How to find the gallery?
Contact: Tel.: 0414 531 423
Opening hours: Mon-Fri ??

Nommo Gallery (

“Nommo Gallery, founded in 1964 by the 1959 Act of Parliament is Uganda’s National Gallery and a component of the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) along with the National Theatre.
It sits in a secure location in the heart of Kampala City just next to State Lodge at Nakasero (Plot 4, Victoria Avenue) and boasts of an impressive assortment of art masterpieces from paintings, batiks (tie-and-dye), ceramics, art prints, photographs and sculptors, among others.”

Location: 4 Victoria Avenue, Nakasero, Kampala. How to find the gallery?
Contact: 0414 234 475
Opening hours:

Umoja Gallery (

“The main objective of this gallery is to enable national and international visitors to revive Uganda’s cultural heritage and to become enamored with multi-centralism, so as to stimulate potential in the artists living in Uganda, to encourage the exchange of artists work through exhibitions and finally to foster the development of art in Uganda.

This gallery shows the diversity of artwork although still in its infancy. It depends on artists, cultural enthusiasts and on patrons of the arts for the development for national and international artists to meet and exchange experiences.”

Location: Plot 85, Kira Road, Kamwokya (next to NRM Communication Bureau). How to find the gallery?
Contact: 0434 660 484
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9:30am – 6pm. Sun 10am – 5pm.