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Issue 040 – Gender & Sexuality

The Brief

In a globalized world with borders and boundaries constantly being challenged, how can the arts define or redefine ambiguous states of gender or sexuality? Are there clear roles for men and women, male and female? Do contemporary artists appropriate traditional cultural practices? What artistic prescriptions exist to speak about such issues? How do they employ their mediums to converse within liminal spaces or destabilize patriarchal standards.

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Review By Moses Serubiri on Nudity at Tackling Texts

On 19 February 2014, a meeting of artists, art lecturers, students and arts managers convened at the Makerere Art Gallery for the year’s first Tackling Texts, a forum to engage African art theory. The text to be tackled was Part I of Angelo Kakande’s essay, Nudity: Is it Artistic Expression and Free Speech?, as published in START Journal. Kadande argues the concept of nudity through various lenses: nudity as the right to [...]

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Uganda Recordings

Ugandan Recordings is a Scandal Studios project to uncover and document music from northern Uganda. The search has found artists with a variety of instruments such as adungu, lukeme, nang’a, bila and orak. All recorded songs are accompanied by video clips, so one can see how each artist creates their work.

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The Power of Art

“Artists are just another manifestation of human rights activists.” – says artist and activist Deeyah Khan to the United Nations.

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A Workshop on Performing Life

“Performance art is for very strong people, in my view; you put yourself in a dangerous situation and are able to come out of it.” says Ato’o.

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Bayimba 2013: Images from Oscar Kibuuka

Photographer Oscar Kibuuka captures the 2013 Bayimba Festival in black and white.

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A “To Do List” for Uganda’s Creative Cultural Sector

Opinion piece by Faisal Kiwewa

The current state of Uganda’s creative cultural sector is far more vibrant and visible than what generations in the past have ever seen.

It is today that we see the youth coming together to realize their creative ideas and express themselves through different art forms; we see individuals passionately embracing talent with a pure mind that art is not a joke, rather a profession. A piece of this momentum is in new arts organisations that are forging [...]

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Issue 039 Inspiration

Issue 39 of Start Journal intends to use the online platform as a space to inspire.

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Teaching Art Against the Norm

In the art room of Greenhill Academy Secondary school in Kampala, students have been transformed from carrying just a pencil and sketchpad to textbooks and notebooks. For most of these students art was never theoretical, now they are pushed to research and write essays on the subjects of Renaissance art and Greek and Roman architecture.

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Students and Masters

By Eria Nsubuga


Twelve students from Nkumba University’s School of Commercial Industrial Art and Design (SCIAD) collaborated to produce a piece inspired by European masters. How did they choose the Picasso and van Gogh? As their supervisor, I tasked them with making a fusion composition of Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror, Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Botticelli’s’ The birth of Venus. These iconic works are in their own right a daunting project, but trying to put three distinct philosophies together was [...]

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Lasting Reflections from Lubumbashi

I continue to reflect on Lubumbashi and feel affirmed that discussions, spaces and documentation is the way to make the little we have into something bigger and better.

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Beyond Tradition & Modernity: Contemporary Art in Uganda

From the start, Uganda’s contemporary visual arts were defined by the absence of their own ‘authentic’ tradition. Throughout the early twentieth century, Makerere University’s European directors sought either to stimulate a latent African-ness of their own imagining in the students, or to push them into the future via an exposure to foreign experiments in representation

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Jaguza – Art That is Open to Everyone

Start Journal used this informal education space to invite writers to engage with on-the-spot writing opportunities. We set a brief and surprisingly, all seven writers picked different displays and different approaches to documenting the work.

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Issue 038 – Arts Education: an editorial brief

Arts education comes in many forms and serves a multitude of functions. Start Journal wonders what it means to have arts education institutionalized and how states govern this process.

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Hollywood Blueprints – Nairobi Half Life (2012)

Nairobi Half Life’s (2012) premise encapsulates the city’s nickname ‘Nairoberry’. By attempting to portray Nairobi as a city full of cliché characters: thieves, corrupt policemen, prostitutes and homosexuals, the film fails to inform us of the realities of Nairobi’s inhabitants.

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Lost in art, alien in our world

Over the last two decades specific diaspora curators (and theorists) of contemporary African art have become preoccupied with nationalism. Academic minds have tried to explain the internal-external dislocation experienced by the artist. However, the theoretical and thick the arguments do not address this fundamental ‘street’ or self problem.

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Mango Roses: A Review

Mango Roses is a recounting of Uganda’s troubled past weaved through the chaotic journey of two lead female character.

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The small community that patronises our art, usually constituting diplomats, expatriates and tourists, is not sustainable. They have set for us a standard formula to use in order to satisfy their appetites.

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Photography Set to Impress

It is not enough to recognise an arrival of craft — there must be a push to improve or a platform for debate. The result: practiced notions of process and evolution emerged within a thoughtfully curated exhibition space.

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Look Now – The 55th Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale undoubtedly remains one of the most important platforms for international contemporary art and its market. A national participation allows for visibility, for a national statement and leaves a footprint in certain version of the international history of art.

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Derek Lubangakene: The Only Ugandan on the 2013 Golden Baobab Prizes Longlist

When the 2013 Golden Baobab Prizes longlist was announced over two weeks ago, we were curious to see how many of the writers would be from Uganda. The answer is one. Derek Lubangakene is on the longlist for the Golden Baobab Prize for Early Chapter Books for his story Of Ghosts and Grave-Robbers. By Nanama B. Acheampong.