Design Hub introduces the ‘Design Hustle’ to profile creative entrepreneurs

Design Hub Kampala is a community of diverse startups and established companies and keen to provide a platform for creative entrepreneurs to thrive. Following the COVID 19 pandemic, the creative industry, just like other sectors, has had to implement new innovative strategies for businesses to remain afloat.  DHK will be running a 12-month business recovery program to support creative companies in their on-going journey to remain resilient even amidst a crisis. For this, DHK partnered with several content developers brand developers and publishing platforms like Start Journal.

Start Journal (SJ) already plays a huge role in helping creative people link up with other creative people and explore new forms of expression. This is very necessary if we are going to build a creative, resilient economy and wonderful cities in Africa. One of the goals of Start Journal is that its content influences mainstream societal narratives.

The ”DESIGN HUSTLE” is a new Design Hub Kampala initiative under its Business Resilience Programme, in collaboration with The Innovation Village and with support from Master Card Foundation. Design Hub Kampala and Start Journal developed a larger communication strategy with the aim to connect the Start Journal content to other media. With new content we foresee to increase the visibility of both our creative community and the journal.

In the next year we shall publish ‘special edition’ features for the ‘rising enterprising woman’ to celebrate female-led businesses. Beyond access to markets, Start Journal will continue to play a vital role as a knowledge sharing platform as well as showing what is happening in the creative sector as we look to build the capacity of this ecosystem. The disruptive innovations in the creative sector now more than ever need to be better showcased to help the industry grow to the next level.

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Patricia Opio, creative and multi- passionate designer and story teller and guest Speaker at the first Femme Innovate Talk at Design Hub, talks about the importance of authenticity and knowing a your worth as a female entrepreneur.