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“I had to learn how to target my clients on social media” – Isaac Ssenyonjo

n this era of the fourth industrial revolution, where there is a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate with each other, technology has taken the driver’s seat.

It is opening us to new chapters in human development. It is not just for some people but for all, especially now that access to Internet has been declared a human right.

Today, in our Design Hustle series we talk a gentleman who is rising up in this field to make a difference. He is a multi-faceted creative, a maestro on the piano and an Information Technology (IT) expert.


“I started my own lingerie business over the weekend” – Harriet Nannyunja

It may seem that some things can not be mentioned and thus are labelled the unmentionables but do you know that the underwear/lingerie industry is quite huge?
According to research, underwear makes up 6% of womenswear products currently retailing online across the US and UK markets combined. This market is expected to hit $250 billion by 2022.

With the pandemic, ladies are looking more towards comfort than anything else. In this Design Hustle episode, we get to speak to Harriet Nannyunja who has ventured into this industry.


Solar for Milk – Creative Solar Solutions

In another edition of Design Hustle, we have the pleasure of introducing a long term Design Hub member, Sizoomu Mwamed, Founder of the startup SolarPipo. The innovative company has recently shifted their focus on providing solar solutions and access to funding to diary farmers and diary cooperatives. The objective is to reduce dependency on unreliable and expensive power bills and have a environmentally cost effective alternative to keep their milk cool and prevent it from getting spoiled. At the moment 20 to 40 percent of the milk produced in Uganda is wasted due to lack of timely cooling.