Michelle Masanza: ‘I want to make the world fall in love with African beauty’

In this eight podcast episode, Design Hustle host Patricia Opio talks to Michelle Masanza, the 19 year old founder of AfroShinda and ‘Third World Girl’ who describes herself as a creative. She gives us insights on her journey of building her company, AfroShinda. AfroShinda is a Ugandan based online store that curates African made products. Its mission is to make the world fall in love with African beauty by telling the African story with love and respect for her land, her people, and her heritage.

Her brand is all about telling the authentic African story through art and self expression. She mostly works with Ugandan artists, artisans and small scale manufacturers. By supporting local businesses AfroShinda does not only help local economies, but also reduces the ecological footprint and help keep our mother land healthy and thriving.

AfroShinda is more than just an online store. Its purpose is to change the African narrative by empowering positive community transformation. The goal is to create an Africa that is self sustaining and self built. With a dedication to authenticity, dependability and the individuality Michelle hopes to do just that.

Listen here for more on Michelle and her brand.

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