Open Call: Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter Residency Uganda (TRERU)

19_08_09_HALL07_akniste_vandenbrekel- Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter



# Application deadline: October 29th 2021 #


Supported by:

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Goethe Zentrum Kampala, Design Hub Kampala, Motiv, aKAZ!ATL and SJ Magazine

location: Kampala
initiator: TAAT


Initiated by he Dutch-Belgian art collective TAAT, the Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter Residency Uganda (TRERU) focusses on regenerative, creative development and artistic commoning. Three artist/designers from the fields of theatre/performance, contemporary art and architecture/design are invited to stay and work for one month at our location in Ntinda, Kampala.

In a direct dialogue with TAAT (architect/researcher Breg Horemans (BE) and artist/theatre maker Gert-Jan Stam (NL) ) they will have the opportunity to develop their individual practice, engage in an artistic exchange with each other and connect with the international TAAT-network.

The first residency will be a pilot-version and is scheduled for January 2022.

About TAAT

TAAT was founded in 2012 by Breg Horemans and Gert-Jan Stam. At the core of their praxis is the long term artistic research project HALL33 which aims to ‘grow an architecture of encounter’.

As part of this project, TAAT is currently creating Encounter Portals, which are developed through an inclusive, process-based and horizontal network of creatives. These Portals are rooted in the individual, hybrid and multilayered encounters between human and non-human entities. The TAAT practice has an organic nature that promotes methods of artistic and ecological commoning. As a ‘liquid collective’ TAAT is shape shifting with every project and location and it is currently in the process of transforming itself into a regenerative art practice.
More info:

19_09_07_HALL07_riga_stephenso -Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter

The Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter Residency Uganda offers opportunities to explore:

  • a ‘critical spatial practice’
  • your work as an ‘ecosystem of encounter’
  • a transdisciplinary, proces-based artistic approach
  • documenting and archiving as artistic tools

What does the Transdisciplinary Regenerative Encounter Residency Uganda imply?

  • A one-month stay at a studio/apartment in Ntinda, Kampala
  • Working materials
  • Regular online coaching/exchange sessions with TAAT
  • Exchange with the local and international partners

There is no preset result expectation; so we are willing to think along in providing the right platform for the individual and collective work, generated during the residency.

Who can apply?

  • Uganda born and based artist/designers;
  • from the fields of architecture/design, contemporary art and contemporary theatre*;
  • with a distinct interest in the relationship between space, performance and encounter;
  • who are interested in a long term exchange/collaboration with TAAT and its partners;
  • vision and dedication are valued over experience, exposure and formal education.

*We see these disciplines quite broad. So, architecture includes any space related design as well as
scenography; contemporary theatre includes i.e. dramaturgy, choreography and performance art.

How to apply?

Send an email to
The subject line should start with: ‘TRERU APPLICATION’
In the email you:
A. introduce yourself
B. give us an impression of your work and/or interests
C. describe (in short) what you would like to use the residency fo

Planning (tentative)

29th October 2021: Application deadline!
November 2021: Selecting 18 artists/designers** (workshop)
Last week Nov./ first week Dec. : TAAT workshop for selected artists/designers
December 2021: Selection 3 artists/designers (residency)
January 2022 : Residency (Ntinda/Kampala)
February 2022: Evaluation

**We are aiming to select 6 artists from each discipline (architecture, theatre, contemporary art)

If you have any questions please contact Gert-Jan at