Keren Okuruvu: “Creatives are not very employable in a 9 to 5 job”

In this Design Hustle podcast episode, you will get to hear about the passion of Keren Okuruvu, a marketer who wants to take creatives to the next level. She is the founder and managing director of Brand Factory, a communications and marketing agency based at Design Hub.

Listen in to the podcast here:

Below are some takeaways that we extracted from the interview

“You can’t do everything as a creative. Find what you are good at and find other people for things that you are not good it. That is how we formed the BrandFactory team”.

“Creatives are hard to be employed. Their minds are usually all over the place. But I have learned that there are so many others options for employing them, they can also be employed part-time or work on weekends and still fulfill their KPIs. It does require a lot of planning from my side”.

The value of a creative lies in conceptualizing and visualizing the idea and wishes of the client into a sellable product or company logo.

Karen Okuvuru – Managing Director Brand Factory

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