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To create the future, we must first understand the past. Image: Centre for Critical Heritage Studies

From Archival Articles to Future Festivals – Editorial June

With a season of arts and music festivals drawing near, this issue of Start Journal invites the Kampala arts community not only to look ahead to the opportunities of future festivals but to look back on where art in Kampala has come from, and how the last six years, the last two decades, even the last fifty have led to this point. By our recent new member of the editorial team Gloria Kiconco.


Jantien Zuurbier

Startjournal 2018: New Media, Channels and Connections – Editorial

The Journal has always aspired to be an indigenous-driven publication critically analysing and documenting contemporary arts and culture in Uganda. It would be even more valuable if the content of StartJournal is influencing the mainstream societal narratives. With this in mind we are now developing a larger communication strategy with the aim to connect the Startjournal content to other media. We foresee to increase the visibility of StartJournal content by pushing it to newspapers, news programs on TV and Radio and through social media channels.


The art we make, the words we profess

It is almost a year since the rebirth of Start journal. Artists write about their work and that of other artists. Art historians theorise and contextualise art, locating the social and political circumstances out of which it arises. Exhibition reviews are invaluable, as are readers’ comments both digitally on the journal pages and in live conversations. Editor in Chief Margaret Nagawa gives an overview of what was published in the latest issue.


Dr. Angelo Kakande Chair, Department of Industrial Art and Applied Design, Startjournal editor

Editorial: Returning to the archive: It is still rich, accessible and usable!

This issue demonstrates that the available archive of the history of Uganda’s visual culture is still rich, accessible and usable. However, it could shape a conversation on the country’s creative discourse if (and only if) we looked at it again and looked at it hard enough. Dr. Angello Kakande gives an overview of the articles in this Feb – May 2017 Issue.


Margaret Nagawa (left), Editor in Chief, during the first meeting to discuss the journal's new direction.

Editorial: Start Journal Re-imagined

By Assoc. Prof. George Kyeyune
Start Journal of Arts and Culture is coming back after a break of almost a year. The break was necessary for its internal adjustment and re-organisation to set it on a new footing. It now has a new editorial team that constitutes high profile Africanists: Prof. Sidney Littlefield Kasfir, Assoc. Prof. George Kyeyune, Dr. Angelo Kakande and Ms. Margaret Nagawa.


Introducing Dominic Muwanguzi: The New Startjournal Editor

Today we’d like to introduce you to the new editor of Startjournal.
But first… a little backstory.

”START – A Journal of Arts and Culture” is a Kampala-based journal covering visual arts, performing arts, literature, music and other creative possibilities on the African continent . Start has been published four times as a printed magazine between 2007 and 2010, and has been online since December 2010.

Front cover of Issue 004

Issue No 004 Dec ´09

The last quarter of the year was an exciting one for the Ugandan art world. It saw the arrival of the Dutch Masters Today exhibition at the Uganda Museum, which was unique not just because it enabled three prominent Ugandan artists—our own Daudi Karungi and Henry Mzili Mujunga among them—to exhibit alongside Dutch masters, but because our national museum actually hosted a modern art exhibition. Mzili talks to its curator, Ugandan expatriate David Oduki, and gets his ideas on one of our central preoccupations—how to get Africans to buy African art. In the performing arts arena, Tebandeke Samuel Lutaaya reflects on the history and development of modern dance in Uganda. We go beyond the purview of fine art to look at the aesthetics of branding with Michiel van Oosterhout’s piece comparing the marketing tactics of Uganda’s ever-growing stable of telecom companies. Finally, Dutch photographer Andrea Stultiens weighs in from the Netherlands in Notes from Abroad, we provide a primer for pricing artwork—and more.