Thursday, 18 Jul 2024
Category: Femme Innovate

Michelle Masanza: ‘I want to make the world fall in love with African beauty’

In this eight podcast episode, Design Hustle host Patricia Opio talks to Michelle Masanza, the 19 year old founder of AfroShinda and ‘Third World Girl’. AfroShinda is a Ugandan based online store that curates African made products. Its mission is to make the world fall in love with African beauty by telling the African story with love and respect for her land, her people, and her heritage.


Content Creation and Influencer Marketing; Kahill Insights Runs Your Show

In this first podcast episode of the Design Hustle Podcast, host Patricia Opio talks to Patricia Kahill, founder of Kahill Insights. Patrica describes herself as a multi-potentialite, entrepreneur, blogger/writer and creative. She gives us insights on her journey of building her company, Kahill Insights and where she sees herself in 5 years’ time.